Armpit Skin Tag: Among the Most Common

One of the most common places where skin tags occur is in or near the armpits. The reason why these fleshy bumps favor this place is believed to be friction. The friction between the skin fold of the arm and the side of the body is something that researchers believe essential for the skin tags to form.

Some of the other places on the body where the skin tags form are the underside of the breasts, the buttocks, near the anal region, back of the neck, the inner thigh and the eyelids. Almost all of these positions also have a lot of friction between different skin folds.

armpit skin tags

Because of friction between the arm and body, the armpit is one of the most common sites of skin tags.

The problem with the skin tags near the armpit is that they are quite visible when you are at the beach or at the pool, can restrict the kind of clothes you wear and also tend to interfere with any other clothing that you wear. They can also become itchy and injured as a result of the scratching.

Getting Rid of an Armpit Skin Tag

The most convenient and affordable method to get rid of skin tags also happens to be the best one. This is not always the case! Revitol Skin Tag Remover has been the savior of thousands of people afflicted with skin tags all over their body. This all natural blend of oils is homeopathic in nature and found to be extremely mild on the skin, thus avoiding any side effects.

It is actually quite simple to use this product on your own, rubbing it on the affected area for a couple of times a day until it falls out. This happens most often within the span of a few weeks.

The other recommended method to remove these skin tags is through a medical visit to the doctor. This is also an acceptable option as long as you are prepared to shell out the money required for this simple procedure and undergo an invasive minor surgical procedure.

Remember, there is no insurance cover for this procedure!

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