Cancerous Skin Tags: How Likely?

Any unknown growth on our body triggers a fear that this could be cancer. It sets of a wave of panic that only subsides once a doctor (or multiple ones) have examined it and concluded that there is nothing to be afraid of. Many people have found fleshy growths on themselves and wondered if cancerous skin tags are possible.

This behavior is actually quite warranted since we have all been trained to understand that early detection and treatment can be the difference between something that is easily taken care of to something that can be life threatening. Skin tags, which are harmless growths that are seen all over the body, are often the cause of this panic. The first question that any person asks the doctor is whether these growths are cancerous?

Cancerous Skin Tags: How Likely?

cancerous skin tags

Patients often ask doctors if skin growths are cancerous.

There is nothing like a cancerous skin tag that exists in nature. Skin tags or acrochordons are completely benign in nature and do not pose any kind of risk to the patient.

They are not cancerous when they develop, do not pose any threat of turning cancerous down the line and no cancer mimics itself like a skin tag. This is why most doctors will advise that you do absolutely nothing about the skin tags once you do discover them.

In fact, the most common and recommended form of therapy is actually through the use of natural topical ointments that treat the skin tags from the root. Revitol Skin Tag Remover is one of the most well known brands in this context with the users reporting a high percentage of satisfaction and success while using this product. It is based on the principles of homeopathy that make it mild and less likely to develop adverse effects.

People can develop skin tags by a variety of reasons, although there is no current consensus on the exact mode of their development. Scientists have narrowed down weight gain, metabolic disturbances, hormonal imbalance and genetic factors to be the most likely etiological factors.

Weight gain in particular is something that is noted in a large percentage of individuals suffering from skin tags. This increases the amount of skin folds that are in friction with each other and thus more susceptible to skin tag formation.

None of the factors that have been identified even consider cancer as a possible cause or a sequel to skin tag formation. This should allow people who have skin tags on their bodies to put their fears and mind completely to rest.

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