Compound W Freeze Off Review

There are several ways to remove warts from your body. One of the most popular methods a few years back was the use of cryotherapy. This method, which basically ‘freezes’ the warts off the body, has lost some of its popularity due to widespread availability of lasers and other better techniques. It does have some merits though, and these are the qualities that one product is trying to channel. Read our Compound W Freeze Off Review, below, to find out more.

Compound W Freeze Off Review

So how good of a product is Compound W Freeze Off and should it be your go-to therapy for at home treatment of warts?

Compound W Freeze Off Review

Cryotherapy and products that immitate its freezing action are not necessarily the best treatment for warts.

The first thing we found was that Compound W Freeze Off is not the most user friendly of products. It comes with a fairly detailed and specific list of instructions, however it can be real easy to get something wrong. The pack includes a canister filled with ‘freeze powder’ and a precision tip. This tip has to be applied into the canister and locked into place before pressing the canister for around 30 seconds.

The tip should come out looking frosty and then needs to be applied immediately onto the affected area. The time for which this application has to be done is unclear, with smaller warts needing a 20 second application and a bigger wart needing 30 second application. What is the size above which a wart becomes big or small is not explained at all!

Once the application is done, it has to be disposed of, keeping in mind that the tip should not touch any other part of your skin otherwise it can cause damage.

The product also promises that the wart should usually come off in the first application. In our experience and that of the people we surveyed, this simply was not true. However, the mileage may vary from person to person.

Overall, we did not come away too impressed with the product. Here are some simple things to consider. The reason why ‘freezing off’ warts is no longer in vogue is because there are some drawbacks to the technique. The first one is that there no way to control how deep the effect of the compound is penetrating. Different people have different skin thicknesses and different wart sizes.

People cannot be expected to classify their warts before applying a product on them. It leaves too much to error. There is also a high chance that there may be some collateral damage to the nearby skin as their instructions themselves attest to. Considering that warts, skin tags and other such harmless growths can be found in some of the most sensitive areas of the body, this is not a risk that we recommend taking.

In fact, the best possible way to use this product would be to have someone else apply it for you with a lot more precision that one person contorting their body could. This is again not ideal for someone looking to take care of this relatively harmless issue in complete privacy.

A Better Alternative

Revitol skin tag remover

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

So what is the best way to get rid of warts, skin tags and other growths from the body?
Well, we found an alternative over the counter product, called as Revitol Skin Tag Remover that ticks all the boxes. The first thing is that the product is a mild blend of essential oils that have been put together in homeopathic proportions. This makes the product extremely mild without compromising on any of its efficacy.

You can apply the product on any part of your body, including the areas where you have extremely sensitive skin, without the fear of any irritation or adverse effects. Being an ointment, there is no risk of injuring any other part of the skin or any particular technique that you have to follow.

This makes it easy for absolutely anybody to use. The last advantage, and not a small one at that, is that you can use the product in the privacy of your home without needing any help or assistance from anyone else.

The time taken to get rid of warts and other growths from your body is usually around two weeks, however that may vary somewhat depending upon the size of your skin tag and its location on your body.


We found Compound W Freeze Off to be more expensive than its compatriots without really offering anything extra. We also have issues with the very concept of cryotherapy for the treatment of warts as is well accepted in medical circles.

The product may work for a select few under ideal circumstances, however it is not the one product you should buy to try and get rid of the harmless growths on your body. There are other better ways that are available to offer an easier and more affordable solution to a problem that is no way pressing or considered an emergency.

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