Cutting Off Skin Tags

Skin tags are considered completely benign by doctors and they advise that these growths do not require any treatment whatsoever. However, their viewpoint takes only their medical view into account. There are plenty of things that we do that do not have a medical bearing on us. Getting rid of skin tags is one of them, including considering cutting off skin tags despite warnings of potential problems.

These painless, flesh colored growths also called as acrochordons can be found all over the body. Some of the more likely places where they develop are the underarms, the underside of the breasts, behind the neck, on the eyelid, side of the face, behind the ear, near the anus and in between the buttocks.

These skin tags are attached to the surface of the skin via small stalks that make them perfect for cutting off. However, this quick and mildly painful method has a couple of disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Cutting Off Skin Tags

cutting off skin tags

Tying off a skin tag, or even cutting off smaller ones with sharp scissors, are home treatments.

There are two options that people have when it comes to getting rid of skin tags in terms of cutting them off. They can either go to the doctor and get it removed surgically under aseptic conditions at the hands of a trained professional or they can do it themselves at home.

Obviously, the first option seems to sound better. Until you find out that this option is not covered by any insurance whatsoever. Skin tags can result in a great deal of self esteem and confidence issues leading to mental stress, however these are not considered of any importance by the insurance agencies. According to them the minor surgery required to get rid of skin tags is elective and can be easily avoided.

This means that the cost of doctor’s appointments, surgical procedure, follow up appointments and everything else has to borne completely out of your pocket. This can be slightly excessive for something that can be easily taken care of on your own through non invasive methods.

The other ‘do it yourself’ option to cut them off has been practiced for a number of years by people all over the world, however it is not recommended by medical professionals at all. There are risks of uncontrolled bleeding, developing infection, scars and leaving behind a bigger cosmetic hindrance than you started out with. The cost of treating with these scars or keloids could be much more than what you were looking at in the first place.

People do not realize how much these skin tags (particularly the bigger ones) can bleed and controlling it can be a problem for them.

Some popular methods that people have followed at home included the use of sharp scissors and tying a thread around the skin tags and wait for it to fall off. Neither of these methods is particularly easy to follow when the skin tags are located in difficult to access locations of the body and/or around sensitive areas.

The risk of injuring yourself while trying to wield a sharp instrument without clear vision is always present.

Alternative Methods

Revitol Skin Tag Remover

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

While cutting off the skin tags may seem like the quickest and surest method to follow, there are much better alternatives that are present. The use of all natural ointments to get rid of the skin tags holistically over a period of a couple of weeks without causing any injury or bleeding to yourself is much more preferable in our opinion.

Revitol Skin Tag Remover ointment is what we would recommend to anyone who is suffering from skin tags. It has the advantage of being affordable, easy to apply and effective and most importantly is free from any side effects.

There are a number of solutions like this that are marketed to people for getting rid of skin tags and your mileage may vary with their use, however we decided to recommend the one product that has been in the market for longest and has the best user reviews.


Any person should think twice/thrice or multiple times before thinking about performing surgery on himself or herself! Not everyone who does it will have a problem, but the ones that do will end up making an average situation much worse. Think about the cost benefit analysis before making this decision.

Some situations in which you should absolutely not even think about cutting off skin tags on your own are if the growth is in an anatomically sensitive area like the groin or the eyelids or if you are suffering from a serious medical disorder like diabetes or bleeding deficiencies.

These are situations where you can hurt yourself really badly. The healing response is greatly diminished in people who are diabetic and thus even a simple cut can become a festering wound. If your bleeding does not stop after a few minutes and you are having trouble trying to contain the wound then please head to the emergency room immediately.

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