Freezing Skin Tags: Don’t Try This at Home

Skin tags are the small, innocuous growths that appear on the body in various locations and then never seem to leave. They are of a minimal importance medically speaking since they will in no way whatsoever harm the body or turn into anything more sinister, however they are of a big challenge cosmetically. That’s why some people try freezing skin tags to remove them.

A lot of patients who first come into the doctor’s office fearing that this growth might be something that requires attention are almost disappointed to know that they do not require to be removed for any medical reasons.

freezing skin tags

Freezing skin tags at home is not recommended.

This is because since skin tags are medically inert and non-threatening in any manner whatsoever; their removal is not covered by any insurance or employee benefit program. Unfortunately for the patient, skin tags are extremely persistent and even though they might not be ‘doing’ anything on your body, they will continue to be there for the foreseeable future and thus continue to be an eyesore.

Seeking treatment for these skin tags thus becomes a tricky task for the patient that has to strike a balance between quality care and affordability.

Freezing Skin Tags Is a Medical Procedure, not  a Home Remedy

The best option by far is something that actually does not involves any blades, cuts, blood, doctor’s appointments or prescriptions. It is completely natural in origin and less expensive than a single doctor’s consultation would cost you.

What I am referring to is Revitol Skin Tag Remover, which is considered to be one of the oldest and most trustworthy names in the business. Their ointment is prepared according to homeopathic principles using only natural ingredients.

Revitrol Skin Tag Remover

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

While most people do not have an allergy from this ointment, it is probably the only thing you have to be careful about. Otherwise, you can apply it yourself on any part of the body in the comfort of your home and watch as the skin tags start to disappear within a few weeks.

Another popular option seems to be ‘freezing skin tags’ or rather cryotherapy as it is referred to in medical circles. This is an effective method when performed by a trained doctor in controlled conditions.

The basis on which this method works is that freezing the skin tag will cut of the blood circulation to this growth and cause it to fall off over a period of days. There will be a visible change in the color of the skin tag when the process has started.

Some of the people are trying to freeze off skin tags on their own using nitrogen canisters meant most commonly for cooking purposes. This is absolutely not recommended by any doctor or medical association whatsoever.

Skin tags are found in places where the skin can be extremely sensitive and trying out these experiments is almost a sure fire recipe for disaster. One misconception that people have is that cryotherpay does not cause any pain whatsoever. This is not entirely true.

When this procedure is performed under the supervision of a doctor, it is not uncommon for local anesthesia to be given before or even during the procedure. This is something that is not possible when you try and perform this procedure yourself. There is also a slight healing period which may add to the discomfort of the patient.

Cryotherapy and laser excision are good options for small surgical procedures since they are effective at controlling the bleeding, however they are quite expensive. They are also almost always performed by specialists which will further add to the cost.

A simple cost benefit analysis shows that when the same job can be performed by an ointment over a period of two weeks, getting surgical procedures performed for a non threatening lesion just does not make sense.


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