Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Skin tags or acrochordons are benign growths found in different parts of the body due to factors which are yet unknown. The color of these growths is similar to that of the underlying skin and there is usually no other symptom like pain or swelling associated with it. There are numerous home remedies for skin tags in part because there are often not many medical recommendations.

Understanding the Problem

home remedies for skin tags

Many people consult a doctor only to find that no treatment is recommended.

Even though people will often find themselves rushing to doctors to find out what this unknown growth is on their body, they will be most likely told that there is nothing that needs to be done about this. The reason for this is that skin tags do not cause any trouble whatsoever to the body and may continue to exist uneventfully for the rest of the life of the individual.

The main trouble that people have with these skin tags is that they are cosmetically undesirable. The skin tags can grow from a few millimeters in size to something similar to a large marble. They are also almost always found in multiple numbers.

Depending upon the position of these skin tags on the body, a person may find them to be interfering with clothing or have some self esteem issues which require their removal. Here in lies the problem. The surgical procedure to get rid of skin tags is something that people do not want to go through or cannot afford.

This small and relatively simple procedure is considered as a cosmetic procedure and thus not liable to be covered by your insurance. So what is the solution?

There are certain home remedies that can be followed to get rid of skin tags, some of which work while some are remnants of a simpler, less complicated time!

Home Remedies for Treatment of Skin Tags

The first option is to use an easy to buy ointment called Revitol Skin Tag Remover. Technically this has to be purchased from the pharmacist, however we decided to include it because of its ease of use, proven effects and the fact that it costs nothing compared to even a single doctor’s appointment.

Revitol Skin Tag Remover

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

The ointment, which is made from all natural ingredients, has certain advantages that have made it the easiest solution when it comes to self treatment of skin tags. There are absolutely no side effects or adverse reactions, largely due to the fact that it is all natural and also that it is prepared under strict quality control.

The concentrations of the ingredients are prepared according to homeopathic principles which focus on the active ingredient while removing everything else that is unnecessary.

The idea is to apply this ointment on the affected area of the skin for a couple of weeks until it starts to shrink in size and then ultimately disappear completely. People using this can expect resolution of even the biggest skin tags from all areas of the body.

The next option is to tie a thread around the stalk of the skin tag such that it blanches but not so tight that it starts to pain. The idea is to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag and let it fall off on its own. This method can work with medium and larger sized skin tags however can be difficult to perform if the skin tags are located in unfavorable areas. For example, if a skin tag is in the region of the groin or near the anal opening or even the eyelid, it can be difficult to access it and tie a thread around it and then leave for an unknown amount of time.

Another method is to simply use a clean pair of scissors and cut of the skin tag from the stalk. This is one method that is not recommended for people who are not good around blood or even pain for that matter. Skin tags can be located in areas that are extremely sensitive and so it is not the best idea to be trying to cut of skin tags over there.

Larger skin tags will also tend to bleed a lot more, something that can be difficult for regular non medical person to control. Also, you do not want to leave an ugly scar in the area from which you are trying to remove an unsightly cosmetic growth from the first place.

Another at home remedy that does not directly address the issue of already present skin tags but helps in the prevention of further ones is weight management. Some of the most common theories which deal with the causes of skin tags have found weight gain to be a common thread. This could be responsible in playing havoc with your hormonal and metabolic balance as well as increasing the likelihood of friction between skin folds.

A healthy diet along with a nutritious diet will go a long way in ensuring that the re-appearance of skin tags if minimized once you do get rid of them.


The best remedy among those offered is one which is non-invasive and does not involve any experimentation with yourself or unauthorized surgery. Be smart and use the Revitol ointment or spend the extra cash and get it removed surgically from a doctor.

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