Lemon Juice for Skin Tags: Worth It?

Skin tags are some of the most persistent benign growths that you come across. They are not much of a concern medically speaking, however they are not something that people want to show off or even have on their bodies! Among the many home remedies people have tried: lemon juice for skin tags.

The exact reason why these skin tags appear is still unknown. There is considerable debate among scientists and researchers as to what could those triggers be. The fact that the origin of these skin tags is still up in the air and that they do not pose any threat to the affected individuals has meant that a lot of interesting treatment options have been tried.

Lemon Juice for Skin Tags: Worth It?

lemon juice for skin tags

Topically applied fresh lemon juice is a home remedy for skin tags. Image by André Karwath via Wikimedia Commons.

One such treatment option is lemon juice application on the skin tags. The primary thinking behind the use of this seems to be banking on the fact that the citric acid in lemon juice will help dry out the skin tag and then cause it fall off over a period of time.

A lot of people have tried this method and have had mixed results to show for their efforts. However, this does not seem to be a treatment option that one could recommend. The thing with skin tags is that they are found most commonly in areas of the body that are subject to friction from different skin folds. This means that the underarms, underside of the breasts, the buttocks, groin and back of the neck are some of the most commonly affected areas.

Applying lemon juice on some of the most sensitive areas of your body for an indefinite period of time hoping for the skin tag to fall out does not seem like the best idea! Thankfully though, there are other better options available to people.

The most highly recommended topical solution is the Revitol Skin Tag Remover. This is an ointment that contains a blend of essential oils specially targeted towards the quick resolution of skin tag growths. The brand has been around for a number of years and has been used by thousands of people all over the world.

Their product is made according to strict standards of quality and on the principles of homeopathy. This means that the ointment is quite mild and safe to use on any part of your body. The time required for application varies according to the size of the skin tag, with the larger ones obviously taking a longer time to disappear, however people have reported seeing results in as less as two weeks.

Other options like opting for a doctor to surgically remove your skin tags also exist and are quite frankly better than dousing yourself with lemon juice, however not by much! The minor surgery to remove the skin tags from the body is not covered by insurance and so all of the costs have to borne by the patient. This means that the consultations, follow up visits and everything in between can cost upwards of a couple of thousand dollars.

And the worst part is that there is no guarantee that the skin tags will not return! Look for simple effective solutions that do not cost you an arm and a leg or require you to pickle yourself in condiments!

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