Oregano Oil for Skin Tags: Does It Work?

This article will discuss the efficacy of oregano oil for skin tags, but first some background. Skin tags are the harmless overgrowths of the skin that seem to pop up at any place they want for no apparent reason. Their origin has scientists scratching their heads and even though they have a few promising theories to work on, nothing is quite confirmed yet.

These small, painless and symptomless growths are usually a few millimeters in size and almost the same color as that of the underlying skin. The only real problem that they cause to the affected individual is cosmetic in nature. There are no two ways about it. These skin tags are not something that most people want on their bodies, especially considering the fact that they tend to have a predilection of appearing in your most intimate areas.

Oregano Oil for Skin Tags: Does It Work?

oregano oil for skin tags

Oregano oil can irritate skin, so it can be a problematic treatment for skin tags.

This brings us to the most important part. The treatment. There are a lot of home brew ideas that seem to be quite popular among people and one of them is the use of oregano oil. Oregano oil has certain properties that make it an interesting choice for use in treatment of skin tags. It has certain antiseptic properties and also serves as a numbing and clearing agent when used topically on the skin.

However, it is also a known irritant. In fact, there is better than likely chance that your skin will go through a reactionary phase before maybe adapting to the oregano oil. Since some of the common places where skin tags are found on your body include the groin area, the butt crack and close to the anus, the eyelids, back of the neck and underside of the breasts, we are not sure how good of an idea it is to be applying oregano oil over there!

The other big issue is that there is no information as to how much oregano oil has to be applied or for how long. This makes the whole exercise quite futile and seemingly open ended.

The good news is that there are much better options available in the market. One of those is the Revitol Skin Tags Remover, which is a blend of essential oils specially formulated to help remove skin tags. It has been tested dermatologically and is prepared on the sound principles of homeopathy.

In fact, this makes the ointment very gentle and free of side effects. It is safe enough to be used on any part of your body, including some of the areas where the skin is quite sensitive. The other advantage of this method is that it has been used successfully by thousands of people all over the world.

There are other over the counter medication available which claim to help in the removal of skin tags. Franly speaking, there are too many to be able to accurately know which company works and which does not, so we recommend following the herd in this case.

Buy something that people have been buying for a long time and have good experiences with. There are too many instances of low quality products being passed off due to a laxity in regulation of over the counter products.

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