Skin Tag on Eyelid: Not a Good ‘Look’

It can be hard to get rid of skin tags. These medically benign growths are of no consequence or concern say the doctors, yet there is no question that can be unsightly and unpleasant to look at. There can be multiple skin tags on your body, in fact, it may be difficult to be aware of them until someone points them out in the first place. A skin tag on eyelid can be unsightly.

These skin tags are soft to touch and usually of the same color as the underlying skin. Their scientific name is acrochordons and they are only treated if the patient finds them cosmetically obtrusive.

Skin Tag on Eyelid: Why Do They Form?

skin tag on eyelid

Skin tags on the eyelid can be unflattering.

The truth of the matter is that no one knows why skin tags are formed on the eyelids or on any part of the body. Different theories stated by different scientists can be found, however there is no one agreed mechanism of formation that is agreed on.

The most popular theory seems to be the one that says that skin tags are found in areas where there is constant friction among different skin folds. Some of the common areas of skin tag formation include the under arms, underside of the breasts, close to the anus and in between the buttocks, behind the neck, eyelids and behind the ears.

If you do have skin tags present around the eyelids, then chances are that they are not particularly flattering to your appearance. People have complained of loss of self confidence, self esteem and a handicap when it comes to meeting friends and partners. Unfortunately, while all these are very real issues that people deal with, they are not covered by any insurance. The procedure to get skin tags removed are classified as elective and cosmetic by insurance agencies and so are not covered by any agencies.

A surgery to remove skin tags is a relatively simple one, however it still costs a lot of money, especially when a surgeon gets involved. This advantage is that it is a one stroke method to rid yourself of skin tags however there is no guarantee that they will not come back. The risk of recurrence of skin tags is quite high since their incidence increases with age.

There are also the same risks of surgery as any other procedure, particularly when the affected area is a delicate one like the eyelid.

It has been noted that the skin tags found around the eyelid are smaller in size than seen elsewhere and usually appear to be multiple in number. They may appear on a single eye lid or on both.

What Is the Best Form of Treatment for Skin Tags?

There is absolutely no doubt that natural forms of treatment are the best option for the removal of skin tags. There are a number of products that are available in the market, however one has to be careful of the quality before applying something on your body.

skin tag removal cream

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

Revitol Skin Tag Remover ointment is the most renowned and trusted brand name in the market, something that has spawned a lot of me too products as well. The advantage of this product is that it is absolutely natural and prepared using the principles of homeopathy in mind.

Homeopathy utilizes something called as serial dilution to isolate and bring out the properties of the active ingredients. This product has been tested for side effects and allergies on a wide number of subjects and none have been reported so far.

The advantage of using a product based 100% on natural ingredients is that the chances of developing side effects are low, however one should always be careful of any redness, itching or rashes that appear after applying any new product.

The estimated time for application before results start to show is reported to be as less as two weeks, however it can take a little longer in some cases. The biggest advantage of this method is that it requires no doctor’s appointments or prescriptions, the application can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home and the results are achieved without any stitches or scars.

Revitol in particular has been found to be extremely effective against skin tags found in the region of the eyelids.

How to Prevent Skin Tags From Recurring?

There is again no sure shot method to prevent skin tags from occurring however there are certain things that you can do which reduces the chances. One of them is to lose weight and thus reduce the areas in which loose skin folds come in contact with one another.

The other is to get yourself checked up for any hormonal disturbances, diabetes or syndromes as they too have been associated with the presence of skin tags.

It is likely that none of the methods might reveal a definitive answer and a genetic tendency to develop these harmless growths might be what is to blame.

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