Skin Tag Removal Cost Varies by Method

Skin tags, or achrochordons as they are called, are the bane of a more people than you would imagine. The benign, flesh colored growths can be found in many different parts of the body with a predisposition towards certain areas like the underarms, underside of the breasts, near the buttocks and the anal region as well as on the face, eyelids and behind the neck. Skin tag removal cost can vary depending on how it’s done.

The main issue that patients with these growths is that they are unpleasant looking and cause a cosmetic issue. These growths can be the source of a lack of self confidence, low self esteem and feeling shame about your own body.

All of these are very real problems that affect people in a profound manner. The problem, however is that these issues cannot be quantified and thus not covered by insurance. That’s right. None of the procedures that are available to get the skin tags removed are covered by insurance.

This brings to light then the most important question.

Skin Tag Removal Cost: How Much?

skin tag removal cost

How much removing skin tags costs depends upon the method used.

How much skin tag removal costs depends upon the route you decide to go down. There are ways in which your treatment can be completed for next to nothing or it might cost you more than $1,000. The inexpensive way is to go for a natural at home solution that does not require you to see a doctor or have a prescription. The most trusted brand for this is Revitol Skin Tag Remover topical ointment, which is made from all natural products and claims to have been based on homeopathic principles.

This ointment works by slowly getting rid of the skin tags from its roots and usually starts to show results within two weeks of application of the product. It can be applied anywhere on the body and since there are no artificial ingredients in it, the chances of having an allergic reaction are quite low.

The other option, the expensive one, is to go in for a surgical removal by a doctor. Here the approximate costs of the treatment will be several hundred to several thousands of dollars depending upon your doctor.

Most doctors will fist call you in for a consultation, maybe even refer you to a dermatologist to confirm their diagnosis and then schedule the surgery. There should be not too many ancillary costs since the procedure is quite straightforward but follow up costs will definitely be there.

All of this should be evaluated keeping in mind that the skin tags may reappear anywhere on the body at any point of time. Some of the reasons that have been postulated for their appearance include a sudden gain in weight, hormonal changes as those seen during pregnancy, poor metabolic control as seen in a pre diabetic and diabetic state as well as simply a genetic tendency to develop skin tags.

Not all of these factors are modifiable and even if they are, there is no certainty that you would have done enough to stop skin tags from forming again.

Getting surgery again and again, while paying huge costs every few years does not make sense at all. In fact this is one reason why doctors themselves will not advise the patients to go in for an invasive procedure straight away.


The thing to remember here is that skin tags are not something that need to be treated as an emergency. They can be treated slowly and deliberately if it helps save a lot of cost and discomfort to the patient.

The best option would be to go for natural remedies and seeing how the skin tags respond to them before even considering surgery. Evidence suggests that the large majority of the patients will not have to look for further treatment.

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