Skin Tag Turns Black: What to Do?

Most people who have skin tags have absolutely no idea what they are. They usually run to a doctor and try and find out more about these strange growths on their body. Luckily for them, skin tags are completely harmless. They have nothing to do with cancer or anything sinister and they have absolutely no chance of turning into anything bad over a period of time. Fears mount when a skin tag turns black, but there is no need to panic.

skin tag turns black

Friction is often the cause of skin tags turning dark.

The harmlessness of skin tags is the reason why doctors do not advise getting any treatment done. However, the location of skin tags in cosmetically important areas can cause a lot of stress to the affected individuals. This is when they start looking at options to remove skin tags.

The first thing they find out is that a minor surgical procedure to remove the skin tags is extremely expensive and not covered by insurance. This surgical procedure may also need to be performed more than once since the skin tags can recur.

Skin Tag Turns Black: What to Do?

Some people may choose to leave the skin tags as they are and that is fine as long as it does not bother them aesthetically. Some people however find that skin tags become darker over time. The reason for this change in color could be repeated trauma to getting stuck in zippers or other articles of clothing. Another reason could be a reduction in the blood supply of the skin tag. They can also get darker for no specific reason. So when a skin tag turns black it’s not necessarily a time to worry.

However, this could lead to a bad situation (cosmetically speaking). The best option to get rid of skin tags if you are not someone “made of money| is to use an easy available essential oil ointment. There are a number of brands that are available, however the most well known and oldest among these is Revitol Skin Tag Remover.

Going with an established brand is an advantage since you can assured that quality control will be strict. This is the main differentiator and something that can have a huge bearing on the efficacy of the product. The likelihood of developing adverse reactions is also less with something that has been used successfully by thousands of people all over the world.

This method of removing skin tags is something that is effective and affordable for almost anyone. The results start appearing within a few weeks and the entire thing costs less than a single consultation with a dermatologist.

Time is always on your side when you are looking to treat skin tags since they are not a medical emergency and this allows you try out simpler ways before considering invasive procedures.

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