Skin Tags During Pregnancy Are Commonplace and Treatable

There is a good chance that you do not know what skin tags are even though you may have seen them or know someone who has been suffering from these growths. Skin tags are actually completely benign growths that measure a few millimeters in size (although sometimes they can be significantly bigger) and can appear almost anywhere on the body. An increase in skin tags during pregnancy is common.

People often rush to the doctor when they see these growths, as is prudent, to find out more about them. They are relieved to find out that they are harmless and will only ever be of a cosmetic concern. However, doctors are still unsure why these common growths appear when they do.

Skin Tags During Pregnancy

skin tags during pregnancy

Skin tags during pregnancy are commonplace and treatable.

There is an increase in the incidence of skin tags during pregnancy in women. While the exact reason for this is unknown, there are some theories that are postulated in an effort to try and explain their occurrence.

Weight gain is one common factor that is associated with skin tag formation. It is natural for a person who has gained a large amount of weight to have more skin folds on their body. These skin folds also rub up against one another, especially in areas like the underside of the breasts, buttocks, underarms and back of the neck.

Pregnant women almost always gain weight, and are in fact encouraged by the doctor to do so that their pregnancy may be healthy and the fetus well nourished.

Another thing that seems to fit the criteria for skin tag formation is a change in the normal level of hormones. The body undergoes radical changes in the hormonal levels during pregnancy and this is believed to play a role in the development of skin tags during this period.

There is some opposition to this school of thought however, which says that these skin tags should then disappear on their own once the child has been born and the hormone levels return back to normal, however since this does not happen the theory is proved wrong.

Poor metabolic control is another sign that has been closely linked to the appearance of skin tags on the body. Some researchers have equated their appearance as a diagnostic indication of a pre diabetic/early diabetic state.

Diabetes, is well known for playing havoc with the metabolic control of the body leading to a host of problems. Pregnancy associated diabetes is quite common and proves that metabolic control can be altered during pregnancy. This is the aspect that researchers believe holds the key to explaining skin tag formation during pregnancy.

Treatment of Skin Tags in Pregnancy

Treatment of any simple disease or condition during pregnancy requires special attention. This is because the body is more susceptible to developing problems since the immunity is compromised, the use of most antibiotics, pain killers and other medications is prohibited and the health of the developing fetus has to be kept in mind.

The best option for getting rid of skin tags seems to be a non invasive method that does not involve any prescription drugs and is based on a holistic all natural approach. Revitol Skin Tag Remover ointment is a safe and dependable option that can be relied on to do its job within a few weeks of application.

The ointment can be applied anywhere on the body safely and without the fear of side effects.

Other options like getting surgical removal done or trying experimental methods yourself at home is something that is not recommended during this time. Even though the surgical procedure for getting skin tags removed is relatively straight forward it comes with some serious costs that are not covered by insurance and does involve that small bit of risk that all surgeries carry with them.

It is always better to be safe and choose the method that requires no cutting or stitching up. Make sure that the ointment does not cause any allergy, because even though it is made up of all natural ingredients some people can have a reaction to it.

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