Skin Tags on Neck: Removal Options

One of the most common places where skin tags are found is on the back of the neck. There is no clear understanding of what cause skin tags or why they are found where they are, however scientists have some theories which they are yet trying to confirm. One thing is certain: Skin tags on neck can be treated at home.

Skin tags or acrochordons as they are referred in the scientific community are harmless growths found on the surface of the skin at various locations on our body. These growths, which are symptomless, vary from size from a few millimeters and almost difficult to spot to something bigger that immediately draws the eye.

skin tags on neck

Although usually harmless, skin tags on the neck can be unsightly blemishes that lower confidence.

Doctors will often avoid doing anything to treat skin tags, because they quite frankly do not require anything to be done from a medical standpoint. From a cosmetic view point however they can be bothersome and affect the confidence with which a person views their own body.

The cosmetic procedure to get rid of skin tags is also something that is considered as purely cosmetic and thus not covered by any insurance agencies. This puts the affected people in a quandary since getting even this relatively simple surgery done to remove skin tags can cost them a huge amount of money.

Luckily though there are at home options that work just as well and do not require you to ever step foot into a doctor’s office.

Removal Options: Location Matters

Skin tags found in different parts of the body can behave in different ways. The ones that are found on the skin in particular are commonly found to be more resistant to methods of treatment. Their location also makes them quite visible especially for women and men whose lives involve a lot of time on the beach or in the pool.

The skin tags on the neck can be either singular or multiple in number. The most common presentation is of multiple skin tags that are small in size and cluster together on the back of the neck.

The appearance of skin tags in the neck area could be due to the fact that this area of the body is oe place where skin folds constantly rub against each other. This becomes even truer for people that are overweight or have thick necks genetically.  

One of the first things that a doctor will consider when there is the appearance of skin tags is to test for metabolic disturbances like those seen in diabetes. Some researchers consider skin tags to be a marker of a pre diabetic state, however this view is not universally conformed to as of now.

Skin Tags on Neck: Treatments

Revitol Skin Tag Remover

how to treat skin tags safely at home

Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a safe, effective treatment that costs less than a visit to the doctor.

The best option for treating skin tags on the neck is to use something that is completely natural, has no side effects or adverse reactions and does not need a doctor’s prescription. Revitol Skin Tag Remover is the best option available in the market.

There are a number of similar ‘me-too’ products available for sale however this product distinguishes itself through a history of happy experiences for its customers. This is one situation where you want to be following the crowd.

The ointment, prepared on the long held principles of homeopathy, can be easily applied in the comfort of your home or anywhere really. The manufacturers recommend you apply it twice a day to get the most benefit.

You should see a reduction in the number of skin tags within two to three weeks of continuous application, although the exact time taken for results to show may vary between individuals and between different locations on the body.

Surgical Removal

This is also a good option to explore provided you are willing to pay a hefty sum in medical fees and consultations. The procedure for getting skin tags removed in relatively simple and does not take a long time, however it is not covered by insurance.

All insurance companies designate this procedure as elective and for cosmetic purposes. The other disadvantage with this is the fact that you have to bear with getting local anesthetic injections, possibly stitches and contend with follow up visits. All of this, keeping in mind that there is no guarantee the treatment is permanent. Skin tags have a tendency to recur over the life span of an individual in different parts of the body or even the same place where treatment was performed earlier.

There is also no guarantee as to how much gap there will be between these appearances.


Keeping everything in mind, it seems like the logical solution to try a simple at home method that is inexpensive and does the same job as surgery will perform. The lesion is benign and is not a medical emergency at all so there really is nothing to lose.

Care should be taken while choosing a brand of over the counter medication that you choose something that is tried and trusted, made with care and keeping in mind strict quality control criteria.   



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