What Are Skin Tags?

What are skin tags? Skin tags are benign growths of the skin that are usually skin colored and found in various parts of the body. These skin tags, also called acrochordons, have an unknown origin. Scientists have a lot of theories that postulate as to what could be the reason behind their appearance however there is still no consensus on the subject.

The most common areas in which these skin tags are found are areas where there is source of constant friction between the skin folds. These areas include the underarms, the groin area, behind the neck, underside of the breasts and between the buttocks. Less commonly skin tags can also be found in areas that are cosmetically more apparent such as on the face, eyelids and behind the ears.

What Are Skin Tags? And Removal Options?

While doctors agree that skin tags are not a threat or a source of concern, people usually want them removed because they look unsightly and may become a source of embarrassment. Getting them removed is something that can be a tricky proposition however. The nature of these skin tags is such that they are not covered under any kind of insurance or anything so going to the surgeon for something this trivial can be a little expensive and unnecessary.

what are skin tags?

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There is also the matter of recurrence. These skin tags can recur in different parts of the body or even the same area from where they were removed earlier. The best solution is something non invasive and long term. Revitol Skin Tag Remover homeopathic ointment is something that is highly recommended and one of the most popular brands in this category.

Skin tags can be confused for other skin lesions and it is important to diagnose them correctly since other lesions may require more intensive treatment. The best option is to go in for a dermatologic consultation if you are unsure of whether the growth is a harmless skin tag or something else.

Skin tags are soft in consistency and can be manipulated without any pain or resistance. They are almost like a bunched up collection of skin cells. The size of the skin tags can vary from a few millimeters to something around the size of a large marble.

As an observer you should report any change in color, consistency or size in the skin tag to your dermatologist immediately. These are signs of an active lesion and something that is associated with the presence of metastatic growths.

Skin tags are not cancerous in 100% of the cases. This is something that is essential for people to understand since they can get quite freaked out by seeing new and random growths appear on their body. It is also extremely unlikely that a cancerous lesion will appear like a skin tag and thus be confused for something ordinary and non-threatening.

The reasons behind the occurrence of skin tags range from poor metabolic control as in the case of diabetes to being overweight, having other syndromes or temporary change in hormonal levels like as seen in pregnancy.

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